Scientific Instruments


  • BMSW Plasma Spectrometer (fast monitoring of the solar wind)

    Goals: measurements of velocity, temperature, concentration and angles of the solar wind ions flux inflow with record high time resolution up to 32 Hz.
    Developers: IKI in collaboration with Charles University (Czech Republic) and Center for Space Science and Applied Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CSSAR).
    Project executives: Prof. Z. Nemechek (Charles University), Dr. G.N. Zastenker (IKI).


  • MMFF Magnetometer (fluxgate and induction magnetometers)

    Goals: studies of magnetic field and electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s magnetosphere and interplanetary space with high time resolution.
    Developers: IKI RAN, All-Russia D.I. Mendeleyev Scientific and Research Institute for Metrology (D.I.Mendeleyev VNIIM), Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and National Space Agency of Ukraine (LC ISR).
    Project executive: Dr. A.A. Skalskiy (IKI).

  • MEP Energetic Particles Detector

    Goals: observations of energetic ions and electrons of magnetospheric origin, low-energy component of solar cosmic rays and particles accelerated at the bow shock with high energy resolution in the energy range of 40–1000 keV.
    Developers: Institute for Experimental Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences (IEP-SAS), IKI
    Project executives: Prof. K. Kudela (IEP-SAS), Dr. A.A. Petrukovich (IKI)

  • SSNI-2 System of Collection, Processing and Storage of Information

    Developer: IKI
    Project executive: Dr. L.S. Chesalin (IKI).

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